July 22, 2024

About Us

What is Metro Crime Stoppers?

METRO CRIME STOPPERS (MCS) is a volunteer organization actively supporting law enforcement agencies to solve crime in our community. Established locally in 1981, it is a part of an international network of crime fighting organizations. Our program encompasses Baltimore City, Annapolis City, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford, Howard, and Queen Anne’s Counties, home to more than two million people.

How does it work?

MCS encourages individuals to provide information which will result in the resolution of unsolved felony crimes. By calling the MCS 24-Hour toll free Hotline, 1-866-7LOCKUP, callers furnishing information about a crime or the location of a wanted felon may receive a cash reward of up to $2,000.

You may also submit your anonymous tip online here

The callers are not required to give their names, but are assigned confidential code numbers. With that number, they identify themselves in future calls to MCS to obtain status reports about the case, and when eligible, arrange to receive the reward. When the Tip is received, they are sent to the Local Law-Enforcement Agency where the crime took place and that Agency investigates and reports their findings to MCS. Rewards are paid if the information provided leads to the arrest and charges filed on an known felon as long as the tip was received by MCS. All rewards are paid in cash.

MCS has three major components: a volunteer Board of Directors, Police Council and the media. The Board of Directors, composed of local business and community leaders, raises reward money, publicizes a Hotline number and authorizes rewards.

The Police Council, representing each of the eight  jurisdictions, reviews cases and recommends rewards. Local media receive and use press releases of Metro Crime Stoppers’ activities.

What types of crimes are solved?

Hotline callers have assisted law enforcement to solve over three thousand cases. All of the crimes are felonies and include armed robberies and burglaries, homicides, serious assaults, rapes and numerous other crimes including arsons and auto thefts.

Hundreds of criminals have been sent to jail as a result of Hotline tips. The Board of Directors has raised and approved hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash rewards to the callers, who are increasingly using the Hotline as an effective tool to rid their communities of the criminal element.